And philosopher. Alex Langlands illustrated talk on *Craeft here in Church Stretton at the Methodist Church, was a meeting of friends old and new; his talk gave a refreshing way forward for us all.

Alex demonstrated the amazing versatility of a hardwood bramble stick. He needed a besom broom (one he made earlier)to clear up the shavings after!! We all learnt including Alex the rhyme to rid the ground of thistles, Mr Downes from the audience recited – ‘Cut thistles in May, they’ll grow in a day; Cut them in June, that is too soon; Cut them in July, then they will die’.

Alex Langlands ‘on stage’ beginning his talk in Church Stretton on 25th November 2017

*Craeft – knowledge, power, skill, wisdom, and resoucefulness

Craeft by Dr Alex Langlands is available in hardback at £20 – we have a few signed copies available


ALEX LANGLANDS Archaeologist, Historian, Writer, Broadcaster