Michael Brooks shared quantum astrology tips in Church Stretton . @DrMichaelBrooks

On Wednesday 14th March at Church Stretton Library

Acclaimed author, Dr Michael Brooks, visited Church Stretton library to talk on ‘quantum astrology for beginners’.

All those who attended this wonderful event are now quantum astrologers, their were many of you so you maybe here and now in Church Stretton, or in a dimension somewhere…….

Humans have been trying to make sense of the universe since they first looked up at the stars, but how far have we progressed? Should we trust in spirituality, astrology, formal religion or science? Michael, who holds a PhD in quantum physics, has spent the last few years trying to answer this question by looking through the eyes of a man who tried all of the above. Jerome Cardano is a long-forgotten Milanese astrologer, mathematician and scientist who spent his life searching for a way to make sense of human existence. His astonishing journey led him to audiences with dignitaries such as the Pope and the King of England, to a humiliating arrest and imprisonment by the Inquisition, and to the creation of the mathematical ideas that underpin our best modern attempt at an answer: quantum physics. In this talk, Michael will take us on Jerome’s extraordinary journey and beyond, examining the strange answers, ancient and modern, that have resulted from humanity’s search for ultimate truth.

Michael Brooks is the author of bestselling science title 13 Things That Don’t Make Sense. His new book, The Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook, is a biography, a history of science, an accessible explanation of quantum theory, and an engrossing story which reads like the best kind of novel. It is a science book like no other about a scientist like no other.

Signed copies of The Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook are available from Burway Books £16.99



Dr Michael Brooks shared quantum astrology tips in Church Stretton