A beautiful September day in 1974 I opened Burway Books for the first time.

We have been champions of environmental writers’ who have written about the negative impact of our industries and post war farming methods on the natural world around us. Rachel Carson ‘Silent Spring’, and E. F Shumacher ‘Small is Beautiful’ we have always in stock. If you’re an environmentalist these are two books you should never be without.

Another author we recommend is Helen Macdonald author of ‘H is for Hawk’. Helen wrote in ‘Falcon’ of the rapid decline in the populations of peregrine falcons in the UK alone due to the introduction of pesticides into farming during the 1950s and 1960s. Helen sourced this picture:-

Image result for ddt is good for me

‘A chilling jolly avertisement for DDT’ – Helen Macdonald ©

Forty Five Years at Burway Books