Poems and Paintings of Herefordshire and Neighbouring Marches

Selected by Jonathan Lumby

Following The Warlow Experiment it has been difficult to find an apt follow up.

It was by chance a customer ordered ‘Poems and Paintings of Herefordshire and Neighbouring Marches’, a glorious collection of paintings and poetry of the Marches.

To whet your appetite here’s an extract from one of the poems:-

How best to bid the verdant Landscape rise

To please the fancy, and delight the eyes,

It’s various parts in harmony join

With art clandenstine, and conceal’d design;

To adorn, arrange – to seperate and select

With secret skil, and counterfeit neglect –

I sing.

from ‘The Landscape’

A Didactic Poem in three books, addressed to Uvedale Price, esq (1794) by Richard Payne Knight

Image result for gainsborough beech trees at foxley

Thomas Gainsborough. ‘Beech Trees at Foxley, Herefordshire’. Pencil on paper. 1760.

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