‘ Who Am I Again? is very funny, poignant, shocking, including when Lenny was secretly reading Seymour’s collection of westerns and James Bond novels stored in the cellar, and how he manages to set the cellar on fire. What will Mama do!!!! Lenny runs …..

Lenny Henry’s intelligence, honesty, bravery and kindness shines through every page.

Dr Sir Lenny Henry signed over 100 copies of his book before his show at Dudley Town Hall on November 22nd.

We sold many to his fans and friends; Dudley is very proud of Lenny and rightly so. He is a wonderful human being, and a great actor.

Sir Lenny Henry signing over 100 books at Dudley Town Hall 22nd November 2019
Sir Lenny Henry with a copy of his autobiography ‘Who Am I Again?’
Sir Lenny Henry with Hilary and Rosalind from Burway Books

We have 10 signed copies in stock (29/11/19) at £20 and worth every penny.

Our Book of the Week – Who Am I Again? by Lenny Henry