Phil Rickman ‘in conversation’ at this year’s Church Stretton Arts Festival was a great success.

Phil was nearly barred entry, once he persuaded the ‘dragons’ at the door that he indeed was the author, all went well.

He spoke with authority on the art of writing and the ups and downs of being a ‘crime’ writer; including how he met his first editor Alice Thomas Ellis and how she encouraged him to keep writing. The questions from the audience were exceptional. Well done Phil and well done Church Stretton Arts Festival for inviting Phil.

We keep in stock his best-selling Merrily Watkins novels: his fifteenth book in the series ‘All of a Winter’s Night’ is now available in paperback. Merrily is an Anglican vicar and the Diocesan Exorcist. ‘Midwinter of the Spirit’ (the second book in the series) was televised in 2015 to worldwide critical acclaim.

Phil’s next Merrily Watkins novel is out next year 2019.

Here’s the list of the Merrily titles in order of publication:-

The Wine of Angels

Midwinter of the Spirit

A Crown of Lights

The Cure of Souls

The Lamp of the Wicked

The Prayer of the Night Shepherd

The Smile of A Ghost

The Remains of an Altar

The Fabric of Sin

To Dream of the Dead

The Secrets of Pain

The Magus of Hay

The House of Susan Lulham—Novella

Friends of the Dusk

All of A Winter’s Night

‘Merrily’s Border—The places in Herefordshire and the Marches behind the Merrily Watkins novels’ NB a new edition of this title is due out autumn 2018.

Phil Rickman at this year’s Church Stretton Arts Festival @StrettonFest