On reading The Hidden Horticulturalists it reminded me of old Bill and Mr Edwards – who lived in the village where I grew up- at Eastertide .

Retired dairyman Bill walked to the farm with his empty hand churn swinging “It’s gunna rain!” he’d mumble; after filling the churn he’d hurry home with his churn brim full, with purpose and with no time to worry about rain!

Bill’s grumbling was quite different to the joy of watching our neighbour head gardener Mr Edwards* scything his lawn, I loved to listen; the gentle swoosh, no clattering mowers or screaming strimmers!

*Mr Edwards managed a team of 11 gardeners at ‘The House’

Author Fiona Davison will be giving a talk on her new book, The Hidden Horticulturists: the Untold Story of the Men Who Shaped Britain’s Gardens’. Saturday 27th April 7.30pm URC Hall, High Street, Church Stretton, SY6 6BY.


Sunday morning: Notes from a bookseller
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