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Burway Books – the first bestseller

Yesterday a customer reminded me of my time as a volunteer bookseller in Shrewsbury’s SADA bookshop on College Hill. I worked one day a week, and just sold or ordered paperbacks for college courses; I was never asked for a ‘bestseller’. The move to opening my own bookshop was exciting, fun, and scary (especially the local solicitor). A few weeks after opening I was confronted with ‘The Bestseller’- customers rushed in for this phenomenon: “YOU haven’t sold out have you?”.

Such strange behaviour! The two bestsellers I can recall were ‘The Moons a Balloon’ by David Niven and ‘Jennie; Life of Lady Randolph Churchill’ by Anita Leslie. I did have them in stock, I had not sold out, but I soon did!


Sunday morning: Notes from a bookseller
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