Elisabeth Åsbrink, ‘1947 when now begins’

Elisabeth’s talk was excellent and very infomative, her talk was inspiring and our audience were amazing too.

Somewhere on the timeline, the war ends, while somewhere else, a new age begins — the one we call now.

Elisabeth explained that we are in the now and 1947 was a pivital time in the now we are part of.

From Twitter:-

This went very well: an excellent talk followed by some good discussion from the audience! – Alun Ephraim

She so loved her event with you, and the shop, and Shropshire surroundings. Thank you so much for having her from all of us -Philip Gwyn Jones


We have copies available of  ‘1947 when now begins’ £16.99 Published to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the book’s events, this gripping narrative history by a multi-award-winning author interweaves stories that explain the origins of Islamic extremism, the state of Israel, the IMF, the CIA, and explores the history of her own family.


Talk by Elisabeth Åsbrink, ‘1947 when now begins’